Care Instructions – Imlee Jaipur

Care Instructions

We make our Mojaris with a lot of passion and we hope you will cherish them too!! These aren’t running or football shoes !
Jokes apart ;)
  • Use a wet wipe to clean them after 2-3 usages.
  • Avoid excessive exposure water, rains and dirt like any other leather/suede/fabric shoe.
  • Waterproofing with sprays available at leading shoe stores is recommended.
  • For longer life, we suggest getting a thin rubber sole pasted on the base of the Mojari to avoid the wear and tear of the hand stitches.
  • These Mojaris do not have a right or left foot initially, they eventually take the shape of your foot. So if slightly snug initially, keep interchanging the foot while wearing them.
  • Store the mojaris in the imlee cloth bag after daily use